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The  OMNI-XL is an expandable stirrer for the StirMate® pot stirrer. It stirs foods (and non food products) in deep and wide pots as large as 5 gallons. It consists of a square rod with holes into which up to eight U-paddles can be inserted in any desired combination or configuration.  The paddles are extendable to fit  pots from 7” to 13” in diameter and 4” to 12 “ in height. Included are four U-paddles and an adaptor which is inserted in the StirMATE®.  


Works for coffee and nut roasting, candy, roux, and other high temperature applications


Comes with 4 U-Paddles. Extra can be purchased separately.




Useful tips: -

1. The number of  U-paddles needed is dependent on the size of pot, volume and thickness of  stirring  contents.

2. U-paddles may be spread apart to provide more spring tension to stay in the desired postions on the rod.

3. If needed, the U-paddles may be bent or cut shorter to fit pots that are smaller than 7” in diameter.

4. The silicone plastic tip at the bottom of the rod is to prevent scratching of the pot. It is not completely    necessary since the paddles and rod tip are smoothly polished. It can be shortened or removed.

5. Insert the white ADAPTOR into the StirMate before inserting the stirrer from below the StirMate.


StirMATE® OMNI-XL Stainless Steel Stirrer attachment for up to 5-Gallon pots.

SKU: 731717965336


    "Ending the Pot Stirring Era"
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