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The StirMATE VS has been upgraded with a faster and more powerful motor with variable speed and quick attach features for accessories.  StirMATE provides an extra hand in the kitchen with patented features that allow for a sleek and unobtrusive design. Constant stirring prevents food from sticking and burning while developing more flavor and creaminess. Its powerful variable speed high torque gear motor is silent and effortlessly stirs through thin and thick foods. The patented smart stirrer self-adjusts to pots and pans 6 - 12 inches in diameter, and 3 - 9 inches in depth. The StirMATE is small and low profile, and stores easily alongside utensils. The StirMATE is made using BPA free FDA approved High Temperature (400° F) food grade plastic. The StirMATE is powered by both a rechargeable Li-Ion battery and charger adapter (included), and operates for over 9 hours per charge. Do not operate the StirMATE over a hot stove while connected to the charger.


WARNING when using the StirMATE for candy, fudge, roux, coffee and nut roasting:

Excessive temperatures exceeding 400F may cause the stirring wand to melt. This can be caused by high stove temperature or not running the StirMATE while the stove is on (The wand must be in motion to stay cool).

Please consider using the stainless steel OMNI-XL for these applications, or be mindful of the temperature.


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Color: Colonial Red / White
  • UPDATED 2021: Variable speed operation and 1.5x faster than previous StirMATE


    Attaches to pots 6 to 12 inches in diameter and 3 to 9 inches deep.


    FDA Approved, Food Grade and Heat Resistant BPA FREE plastic.


    Includes Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery, Charger and User Guide.


    Currently available in two-tone Colonial Red and White.


    Packaged in protective minimal packaging to reduce cost and environmental footprint.


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  • Box may be damaged

    1 year warranty